1. I get a Bad Packet 171 or 172 Error when I try to log on?

I'm pretty sure I stated in the beginning that this is a GULLIVER server.  You will need Gulliver to log on and play.

2. I don't know how to install mods and I really want to log on, HELP!

You can try installing it with MC Patcher or Magic Launcher, which should do most of the work for you.  Otherwise, look up an installation video on YouTube.

3. The resize buttons at spawn don't work! D:

The resize buttons target the nearest player, so make sure no one is closer to the button when you press it.
If it still doesn't work, see if you can tag me while I'm online, tag a mod online, or PM me and we'll resize you until spawn is repaired.

4. Could you please whitelist my friend [Insert Friend Here]?

If your friend honestly wants to get whitelisted have them create their OWN app.  Otherwise, no.